At Kimaya designs, our specialty lies in helping you transform your home to support your lifestyle. Whether it is a whole home renovation, building your dream home from scratch, or just renovating one space, we are here to serve you.  We strive to provide our clients with innovative design solutions and professional expertise while ensuring that every space we create is functional, comfortable and evokes a sense of joy from the moment you walk into it. Our services are customized to specifically suit your needs and wants for the space. We can help you in your home renovation journey from the simplest transformations to even the most complex projects.

Whole-Home Design

Whether it is a condo, large house, townhouse, or a small bungalow, a home should be a reflection of the homeowner. It should be a place where you feel a sense of peace, comfort, and joy. There should be a smooth flow with seamless transitions from one area to the next and every space should be catered to suit you and your family’s needs and changing lifestyles. We can help you remodel your home by enhancing the functionality of the space, renovate your home to update the existing spaces, or build your dream home from blueprint to completion.

Kitchen & Bath Design

Your kitchens and baths are the heart and soul of your home. Our team of experts can help you create your dream kitchens and/or baths by incorporating thoughtful design elements that make the space comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain.

The kitchen is the central hub of the home where we connect with family and friends and build memories. A well-planned kitchen provides organization, efficiency, and joy for years to come. Maximizing storage and counter space can lead to a smooth flow between cooking, prep, and clean-up zones, making cooking a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Our bathrooms are our sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate, and self-nurture. This is our calming space where we unwind after a long day. A well-designed bathroom is a feel-good space that is personalized to you and provides ease of access for your personal grooming needs.

Indoor living

Our home’s living spaces need to meet our multipurpose lifestyle demands. Spaces that are catered to suitably accommodate the day-to-day life of you and your family are a crucial element of any home. From personal spaces where we can relax or work to shared spaces that provide a way for us to connect, entertain and spend time with our loved ones, the possibilities are numerous.

Spaces such as a home office, bedroom, fitness room, games room, or hobby room can be tailored to fit your specific needs while spaces such as a living room, dining room, home theatre, or leisure space, can be customized based on your goals for space. We can help you design and transform these spaces to support you and ensure that you feel comfortable and content in your home.

Outdoor living

Being outside and enjoying the nature that surrounds us is an easy way to reconnect with ourselves and feel good. It helps to take a break from our busy lives and spend time appreciating the outdoor spaces that we have access to.

Outdoor living areas such as outdoor kitchens, leisure spaces, terrace gardens, pools & hot tubs can be customized and designed to suit your needs and wants for space. We can help you extend your indoor living spaces to the outdoors by transforming your backyard into a beautiful area to relax and unwind with your loved ones. Let us help you create your own personal retreat that connects you with nature while providing a perfect place to cook and entertain.

Age-Friendly Design

Forever homes are built to serve our needs and that of our loved ones throughout the journey of life. Age-friendly designs help create spaces that facilitate physical safety, independent living, and social wellbeing for all ages. Modifications such as zero-step entryways, non-slip flooring, walk-in showers, grab bars, and proper lighting can make a home safe and secure for all ages and abilities.

Our design experts can work with you to make your home accessible for the present and future needs of your family and if required, we can customize homes for people with specific abilities, progressive conditions, and/or changing abilities. Creating inclusive homes based on universal design principles benefits not only you and your family but also makes your home comfortable for visitors with varying abilities.

Wellness Design

Wellness design can be incorporated to ensure that your home supports you and your family’s health and wellness journey. Through a mindful and eco-conscious approach to design solutions and products, we help our clients build ‘healthy homes’ that are personalized to support their changing lifestyle.

Homes that support our physical and spiritual wellbeing enhance our quality of life, and sustainable living spaces benefit us, and the environment that surrounds us. Comfort-enhancing technology and materials can benefit your sleep schedule, enhance air, and water quality in your home, and save power & money for your family.

Are you looking to enhance your home?

We were able to cook for almost thirty people during the holidays without hesitation and any frustration due to the functionality of the space.

- Anna & Paul, Milton, ON

From the time I spoke to Geeta about the project, she was very warm and I felt very comfortable and trusted her explicitly. She’s very patient and always ready to listen and guide you through to the finest details.

- Soni, Barbados

Thank you Geeta. You have been very helpful in our final decision of the kitchen design and the way it turned out, thanks to you, we would not change anything.

- Eva & Vac, Toronto, ON

Throughout the entire process of our renovation, Geeta continually impressed us with her soft spoken, confident and extremely competent manner and actions.

- Pat & Brian, Brampton, ON

Thanks to you and your crew, my family and I now have a beautiful bathroom where we can enjoy for years to come.

- Nancy, Caledon, ON

Every time I enter my new kitchen I am still amazed at the incredible transformation. Thanks to your vision, it has gone from a builder’s 1980’s small dysfunctional space to a new open- concept highly organized one.

- Brenda & John, Milton, ON

My wife & I wish to express our sincere thanks for your advice and understanding, in helping us with our dream kitchen.

- Jay & Anu, Caledon, ON

I appreciate your ability to understand what elements were important to me and my husband and to work with us and for us through the whole process.

- Heather & Ken, Georgetown, ON

As we had already worked on our main floor and basement with Geeta, we had been very impressed with her knowledge, ideas, and her genuine interest in ensuring we get the best. We were just as excited to continue working with her for the remodeling of our bathrooms.

- Paul & Anna, Milton, ON

The new kitchen brings new energy into our home and we feel refreshed every time we sit or cook in our kitchen.

- Emmy, Mississauga, ON

You are to be commended for your creativity and the environmental consciousness you incorporate into your unique designs.

- Hon. Mayor Hazel McCallion C.M., LL.D.