Comfortable Living by Design

The Kimaya Designs Story

Are you planning to build your dream ‘forever home’ but not sure where to start?

Do you feel like you are in a desperate need for a bathroom remodel or a kitchen renovation?

Are you looking to create a home office that facilitates ideal working conditions?

Do you worry that your home is not safe for you or your loved ones? Is accessibility an issue?

Do you wish your home supported your sustainable lifestyle along with your health and wellness goals?

Do you feel your ‘forever home’ is not designed to adapt to you and your family’s evolving needs?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!


We know how overwhelming the process of home renovations can be, especially with all the options for products and materials that are available today.


We simplify the process of home renovations for you through our ‘Comfortable Living by Design’ approach. This encompasses our heart-centered, purposeful, sustainable and holistic approach to design.

Heart-centered approach: We care about our clients and prioritize their comfort, safety, and well-being throughout the process of home design and home renovations. We pay close attention to client’s individual needs and provide them with options in a simplified manner to ease the stress associated with this process.

Purposeful approach: We approach every project with the aim of making a significant difference in our client’s lives through the spaces we create. Practicality and functionality are prioritized so that the space is managed efficiently, storage is maximized, any other specific needs of the client are met, and the client’s convenience and comfort in the space is enhanced.

Holistic & Sustainable approach: We explore the connection between our client’s health and wellness journey and their needs for sustainable living spaces. Through a mindful and eco-conscious approach to design solutions and products, we help our clients build ‘healthy homes’ that are personalized to support their changing lifestyle.

Your Home is more than just a place to sleep, cook and eat in…
Your HOME is your sanctuary…
Your HOME is your comfort zone…
Your HOME is your safe haven…

Make your HOME your ‘Home Sweet Home’ today!

Are you ready to transform your space?


In 2008, Geeta Kewalramani founded Kimaya Designs. Using her passion for people, their connection to their homes, sustainability, and design, she brings life to functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Combining the knowledge and art of interior design, and bringing it to our most valuable spaces, our homes, kitchens, and baths are at the heart of Kimaya Designs.

We are often asked why the name ‘KIMAYA’? The word ‘Kimaya’ means ‘Divine’ or ‘Blissful’. This name was purposefully selected as it represents the feeling of happiness and serenity, that we wish to evoke through the spaces we create for our clients. When we started our company, the goal was to create functional and beautiful living spaces but over the years, our company has evolved. We have come to the realization that what we are really passionate about is people, and how we can help people make their home a sanctuary that creates joy and promotes health & wellness.


We enrich people’s lives by creating beautiful, meaningful spaces to live and work in; spaces that serve our clients’ evolving lifestyles and their health and wellness goals. We strive to create “forever homes” and spaces that are our clients’ pride and joy.


To positively impact people’s lives by transforming every space, with care, into a ‘happy place’.


We are a team of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who have been helping homeowners create & enhance their living environments for over twelve years. Everything at Kimaya Designs starts with our ‘Comfortable Living by Design’ approach that is conscious of the needs of our clients, conscious of the space and conscious of the impact on our clients’ wellbeing. Our homes need to support us through our journey of life. For each of our projects to be successful, we always start with your story, your needs, and your desires for your home.

Meet Geeta Kewalramani, CMKBD, CAPS, CLIPP

Hi, I’m Geeta! I help homeowners’ owners create inspiring spaces for joyful living. My passion lies in configuring creative design solutions to enhance your lifestyles, conveniences, and comforts in your home.

I believe in creating spaces that are inspiring, easy to maintain, high on efficiency and fluid in flavour. Our design philosophy is to create spaces that inspire you to ‘comfortable and harmonious living by design’. We achieve this by focusing on you and your goals of wellness, safety, and convenience in your home.

Each project is unique, and I respect the individuality of my clients, their desires, and their choices. I encourage them to make every decision based on what they actually aspire and want; not on what’s the trend and fad, but on what suits their individual needs. I empower my clients to bring passion to their home and show them how to easily and efficiently make choices that transform their homes to lifetime havens, making their dreams a reality.

My innovative and award-winning interior design experience spanning 20+ years, evolved from luxury Five Star Hospitality design to customized whole home residential design and specialty kitchen & bath design. As an Interior Design consultant, Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, Certified Aging in Place Specialist and Certified Living In Place Professional, my expertise lies in understanding your needs, defining & designing spaces according to those needs to enhance daily living, and recommending suitable products and materials for you, the client. All our projects are efficiently executed in a timely manner and on budget to ensure our clients have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Are you ready to transform your space?


Although our greatest awards are extremely happy and content clients, we are very delighted to have been professionally recognized for our efforts. It has been an absolute honor and we are truly humbled to have design projects recognized and winning Design Awards.

It is with utmost joy and pride, that we would like to acknowledge that Geeta Kewalramani was inducted into the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Hall of Fame in 2020.


NKBA Ontario inducted Geeta Kewalramani into the 2020 NKBA  Hall of fame, in recognition of the outstanding contributions to the Kitchen and Bath Industry and the Ontario Canada Chapter

2017 Design Award Winner
Second Place
Other Rooms – Wet Bar

2017 Design Award Winner
Powder Rooms

2014 Design Award Winner
Third Place Tie (1)
‘Green’ Sustainable Kitchen

2014 Design Award Winner
Third Place Tie (2)
‘Green’ Sustainable Kitchen

2014 Design Award Winner
Honorable Mention
‘Green’ Sustainable Kitchen

2011 Design Award Winner
First Place
Best ‘Green’ Sustainable Bathroom

2011 Design Award Winner
First Place
Powder Room Design

2007 Design Award Winner
Second Place
Kitchen Design

2004 Design Award Winner
First Place
Other Rooms – Wet Bar

2003 Design Award Winner
Honorable Mention
Bathroom Design

We were able to cook for almost thirty people during the holidays without hesitation and any frustration due to the functionality of the space.

- Anna & Paul, Milton, ON

From the time I spoke to Geeta about the project, she was very warm and I felt very comfortable and trusted her explicitly. She’s very patient and always ready to listen and guide you through to the finest details.

- Soni, Barbados

Thank you Geeta. You have been very helpful in our final decision of the kitchen design and the way it turned out, thanks to you, we would not change anything.

- Eva & Vac, Toronto, ON

Throughout the entire process of our renovation, Geeta continually impressed us with her soft spoken, confident and extremely competent manner and actions.

- Pat & Brian, Brampton, ON

Thanks to you and your crew, my family and I now have a beautiful bathroom where we can enjoy for years to come.

- Nancy, Caledon, ON

Every time I enter my new kitchen I am still amazed at the incredible transformation. Thanks to your vision, it has gone from a builder’s 1980’s small dysfunctional space to a new open- concept highly organized one.

- Brenda & John, Milton, ON

My wife & I wish to express our sincere thanks for your advice and understanding, in helping us with our dream kitchen.

- Jay & Anu, Caledon, ON

I appreciate your ability to understand what elements were important to me and my husband and to work with us and for us through the whole process.

- Heather & Ken, Georgetown, ON

As we had already worked on our main floor and basement with Geeta, we had been very impressed with her knowledge, ideas, and her genuine interest in ensuring we get the best. We were just as excited to continue working with her for the remodeling of our bathrooms.

- Paul & Anna, Milton, ON

The new kitchen brings new energy into our home and we feel refreshed every time we sit or cook in our kitchen.

- Emmy, Mississauga, ON

You are to be commended for your creativity and the environmental consciousness you incorporate into your unique designs.

- Hon. Mayor Hazel McCallion C.M., LL.D.