Why are outdoor living spaces essential?

Statistics show that we are now spending almost 90% of our day indoors. After working long hours indoors, there’s only a couple hours of sunlight left and many of us don’t spend enough time appreciating it. The natural environment that surrounds us can be just a few steps away but without a reason to spend time there, many of us prefer to be inside.

Outdoor living spaces that are beautiful, inviting and designed to suit our needs, offer the perfect solution to this common problem.

How can outdoor living benefit us?

Outdoor Living Space: Friends sit on chairs in a large outdoor living space with a nice view of the sky and trees

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More Space!

Outdoor living spaces are a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your home while serving as an extension of your indoor living spaces. Since we are always in need of more space, outdoor living areas can be an easy way to enhance the overall functioning of your home by providing an extra living space that is catered to your needs.

Meet your Health & Wellness Goals

It has been proven that spending time outside can increase positive emotions and enhance overall wellbeing. Soaking in the warm sunlight also boosts Vitamin D levels which can increase your resistance to disease and promote bone health. If those weren’t enough reasons to go outside, a study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) found that interacting with nature decreases stress levels and improves your memory and cognitive functioning.

Family Time

It is clear that spending time outdoors can provide you and your family with important health benefits that must be considered when planning your home. Besides wellness goals, outdoors spaces can be made into fun and engaging family spaces. There’s nothing like creating memories by the pool or watching a movie under the stars while spending time with our families.

What can I do with my outdoor space?

Outdoor Living Space: Outdoor kitchen, dining room and fireplace with lounging area.

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From large backyards that need beautifying to small balconies that can be spruced up, the possibilities for renovating your outdoor spaces are endless!

Gone are the days when a patio with chairs or a lawn with a barbeque was the only thing that homeowners wanted. Homeowners are now looking to transform their outdoor space into a functional living area with an outdoor kitchen, dining room, leisure space, terrace garden, spa, sunroom or pool deck. These areas can be customized and designed to suit specific goals for a space, or they can be blended, multipurpose areas that possess a variety of accessories and appliances.

Pools and hot tubs can be fitted to make your backyard into an oasis during a hot summer day. Electronics such as a high-definition television and surround sound audio systems can turn your space into the perfect spot for a ‘game day’ or to watch televised events. You can also add a projector or a cozy fireplace to enjoy a family movie night or small get together with friends in your outdoor living room.

Outdoor Living Space: Family sitting on a couch in the balcony of their condo

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What are some of the must-haves when planning Outdoor living spaces?

Though outdoor spaces may not seem very different from indoor spaces, there are some important factors to consider when designing a room in our natural environment. Outdoor spaces must have appropriate lighting that is just the right level of brightness for enjoying the space in the evening or at night.

The space should be designed to complement the style of your indoor spaces so that the outdoor and indoor areas blend seamlessly for a cohesive look. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, your outdoor furniture must also be made of a material that is weather-proof. We can also make our outdoor spaces a lot safer and more comfortable through the use of insect repellant systems and non-slip pool decks or hot tub areas.

Outdoor Living Space: Friends sit on a patio with a pool, two men are grilling food.

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Overall, outdoor living spaces can enhance your quality of life and serve as a personal retreat that connects you to nature while you unwind and spend time with loved ones. What more could you want from your backyard?

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