Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

Kitchens have always been one of the most important spaces in our homes. With the ‘new normal’ way of life this past year, we are spending more time at home, and we’ve experienced our kitchens like never before. Our needs for space have evolved and are reflected in the 2021 kitchen design trends.

Changing social dynamics and technological advances that are geared towards making life easier have contributed to the rise in modern kitchen designs. We as homeowners are learning to adapt and appreciate design that is functional, beautiful, and comfortable. Some of us prefer the natural organic look, while some like designs with a light-hearted approach. In terms of kitchen design ideas and colour trends for 2021, a mix of vibrant colours and material accents is in style. There is a greater focus this year on subtle yet sophisticated design. Though these design ideas represent the newest kitchen trends, they are also timeless.

Making Multifunctional Family Spaces 

Our kitchens need to serve as multifunctional, and in some cases multigenerational family spaces. Expanding the kitchen by opening it up to surrounding areas is more than just a social or entertaining need. Skillfully planned layouts with large islands or even kitchens with a peninsula support a smooth flow of activities and make the space ideal for more than one person to cook. These kitchens can also function as a family-focused space that accommodates working, learning, and entertaining.

Personalized Storage Design

Customized and well-organized storage solutions that enhance our efficiency and save us time, have been a kitchen design trend. Tall pantries, drawers and cabinets that are optimized with suitable storage fittings will maximize storage capacity.

Besides efficiency, our kitchens need to be equipped to handle our changing shopping habits. Many homeowners are making less frequent trips to the grocery which means our kitchens need to be able to store more than a week’s worth of food and essential products. Increased storage capabilities such as larger refrigerators, freezers, and pantries are needed to facilitate these extended stays at home.

Kitchen Design Trends Organized Pantry Storage

Source: Blum Canada

Quartz Countertop Trend

We always want our kitchens to be durable and easy to maintain but also classic and elegant. Another priority this year is ensuring that all materials and finishes in our kitchen can be cleaned and disinfected easily.

Quartz countertops meet these requirements as this material is one of the most durable and easy to maintain options. It is not only heat, scratch and stain resistant but it is also hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Like the Quartz countertops, all of the above kitchen design trends reflect our evolving need for materials, products and appliances that are durable, functional and also beautiful.

Kitchen table top

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